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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
On Thin Ice - Jessica Lee

This was OK.  I liked the development between Theo and Silas as Silas healed and they got to know each other.  Although Theo's attitude and the way he talked to himself initially made it seem like he was on the run or hiding out or had done something horrible, so the big-reveal was kinda anti-climactic.

There were several instances where things weren't explained fully.  I found myself getting distracted with details that she'd left out and nit-picking, only to have them mentioned later and think, "Oh, that's what they meant."  One example of this was the plane crash itself and another is the culprit of the crash..

Like I said, my favorite parts where the two of them together.  Once we got into the Pride stuff it all felt like filler, like they needed to explain the minimum possible so you can get the idea, but who really gives a fuck.  And that's the problem, I didn't give a fuck.  I couldn't get a sense of how the Pride ran, it seemed huge and Silas more like a president than an Alpha.  There didn't seem to be the familial/emotional connection that I love from my wolf-shifter books.

Anyway, nice light read.  The few sex scenes were hot.  HFN transitioning into HEA, although I would have liked a little more explanation on that.