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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
The Replacement Guitarist  - Lori Toland

This just didn't work for me, and unfortunately it was the writing. From the beginning it was that sappy, unexplained kind of insta-love. Then two completely stupid miscommunications where literally all Blaze had to do was say, "no" but he "froze" so a shitstorm ensues.  And just ridiculously cheesy lines "And when you walked up to me and put your arms around me, I saw heaven." Gag. Not to mention the least sexy, unemotional cherry-popping. Ever.

Small inconsistencies:
1) Blaze commented that he hated his real name and about how he got his nickname, but we never found out why or how.

2) Blaze's short-term memory loss - he told Jenny he didn't have her number, but then 1 paragraph later commented that he texted her. "He wondered how Jason had known he was interested in a threesome"... ummm, because you told him a few chapters ago, that's how.

3) Both of them constantly seeming surprised when the other one tells him how much he loves him. Why is this shocking?!? You've said it fifty-thousand times so far, nothing new. And yes, you're both hot. We know. You know. Stop acting so effen surprised every time someone points it out.

4) Jason's parents.  That was so random and a good point to develop their relationship but instead, no let's just have 10 more sex scenes.

5) Blaze's parents.

6) Cassie, a Bitch just because?

So in the end, I think this would have made an OK short-story. That's really how much substance it contained unfortunately. There just wasn't enough meat to carry 191 pages. I like sex scenes as much as the next gal, but the second half of the book was literally one after another after another after another. It gets old.