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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Winter Wolf - S.P. Wayne

I enjoyed this. However, I will say that Axton waxed poetic a few ten times too many about Leander's beauty, or strength, or perfection, or whatever. I'm talking pages, and pages, and pages. I'll admit, after 50% I started skimming these bits. But that's also because I was enjoying the story, and wanted to get back to it!

I loved Axton's shy, awkward interactions with Leander and their slow growing friendship. I absolutely felt Axton's sadness and pain every time Leander left, but I also loved how he approached the loss as a wolf would, not a human. They had a great friendship and there were certainly several "moments" and "looks" throughout that made it seems like there was more of a connection between them, of course we were seeing Axton's POV so we don't truly know if Leander reciprocated. Then there is a life or death situation (no spoiler here, c'mon people, every romance has to have one of these. It's in the rules) and Leander starts to ponder that Axton means so very much to him, then...

BAM! Leander's all up on his shit. Wha?! HUH?!? Unfortunately at this point, despite some smexy bits and desperately wanting to feel a connection... they still just kinda felt like friends to me. They were cute, and sweet, and funny as usual. And it was nice. But I can have very visceral reactions when I really get into a story, I'm talking butterflies, and sweating, and jittery, and into it. not so much here. But it was nice.

Despite the length being fine, I was a little caught off guard when it ended. It did actually happen at a reasonable spot, but still, caught me off guard. Maybe because I still wanted a little more emotional connection from Leander. Emotional, let alone gay. He did say "maybe I'm bi" but that was about the extent to his acknowledgment of the fact that he just had man-sex. Ah well.

I'm hoping some of this resolves in book 2, City Wolf. The ending wasn't a cliffhanger, but was definitely open in a way I knew there was more coming for these boys' story.