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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Acclamation  - Vee Hoffman

I was really impressed with this book initially. Beautifully written and I enjoyed both the main characters. Unfortunately the second half just dragged for me. Michael got soooo wordy and waxed sooo poetic about Dominic's every perfect quality, look, thought, and freckle. I did finally have to skim a few sections (like a ten page ramble preceding a blow job), especially when they introduce something (ie: Michael's gonna blow him) but then veer off on a flowery tagent.

I'll admit I was surprised at how it ended, as I was expecting a more dramatic climax. Although I did know there was a second book (and luckily I already have it) so I at least knew their story would continue. It even seemed more like the series was one VERY long book that they divided up into two, this first one being mostly set-up in a way.

I do think it's good, and I understand all the 5 star reviews. But know going in that it is part 1 of 2, and leave yourself a long time to read this at a leisurely pace. I put it down several times and actual read a couple books in between, it's more of a slow burn kinda book.