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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
One More Dance - Nicole Dennis

Meh, read like a public service announcement on PTSD. "I didn't understand everything, I mean, I've heard about soldiers with PTSD, but didn't know how it affected everyday life ... I didn't realize you need to be so disciplined with such a simple thing like sleep." All their conversations were like this, completely stilted.

It starts with Jeremy aka Jerome giving us a boring recount of his on and off three year relationship with Everette, twelve years ago. They never write or talked when Ev was on a tour because if DADT, he didn't say anything about love, it seemed pretty casual to me. Then Ev shows up with physical and emotional scars, they have a few awkward conversations, and voila! True love. When you have to skim a 40 page short, you know it's bad.

Instead of the long-winded description of eremy's performance, we should have been witnessing a heartbreaking split as Ev had to leave after 9/11, show, don't tell!. Then an emotional reconnection that didn't go quite so smoothly would have felt a lot more natural. Despite Ev saying he'll never be cured, neither we nor Jeremy get to witness him having an episode, which made it feel inauthentic and kept me at an emotional distance.