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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."

Life's too short.

Beyond Obsession - John Simpson, Robert Cummings

No emotional connection. I didn't like anyone. Literally, no one. From page 1 our MC was kind of a dick. His friend Ashton was supposed to come across as a flamboyant queen but he just seemed mean and self-centered a lot of the time. His 'love interest'? I guess, if you can call it that, was awkwardly flirty in a pre-teen sort of obvious come-on-line kinda way. Despite Adam flirting with and screwing everybody, he anti-climatically tells us "I love him" out of nowhere and then continues to screw around. I know Steve isn't committing and that's his problem, but Adam doesn't seem that broken up about it. Maybe this makes sense in the end if they end up together, but I just couldn't hold out any longer.

And I didn't know who I should hate more. Adam's mom, for not supporting him and then continuing to be involved in his life while standing idly by and allowing his father to ruin it... or him, for being a whiny bitch that allows his father to ruin his life by cutting off financial support. There were no other options? Really? Doesn't seem like he tried too hard to find alternatives. It's easier to complain and blame someone else.

The only character I liked was the dog, and that was ruined by learning every detail of her every waking moment. Repeatedly. Waaaaaay too much detail about the dog.

Then we get to the mystery. I guess. This was just weird. I know stalkers are irrational and that is the point. But we needed more. Adam met this guy once and it escalated to a ridiculous degree. There were signs the author tried to hint at to let us know that Brian had actually been watching Adam for a while, but we should have gotten little hints from Adam's side of some spooky-creepy happening that then later make sense once we learn of Brian's shenanigans. But no. Instead it's just Brian making some crazy comment and we're supposed to surmise what happened.

And while I love me some paranormal, the 'twist' in this came completely out of nowhere and made no sense whatsoever. I don't mean "came out of nowhere" like an M. Night Shyamalan twist, I mean "came out of nowhere" like partway through the book the author decided to add some paranormal elements but never went back to incorporate them into the first half of the book.

Anyway, I don't remember a ton of details. I put this down due to a much needed mental cleansing and intended to try to come back and finish it to provide a thorough review, but as I said at the beginning... life's too short.

Received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, reviewed for Hearts On Fire