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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."

I don't know why I keep reading these...

One for the Money - Jeaniene Frost

Two Blondes - Charlaine Harris - (Sookie Stackhouse #10.1) - Sookie and Pam head off to the riverboat casinos to mix business with some fun. DNF - I can't go on with this charade anymore. Sookie annoys the crap outta me. Ms. Harris' writing is slow and tedious with innumerable mundane details about clothes, cleaning, and other bullshit I don't care about it. I just have no interest what even happens to these people anymore.

The Boys Go Fishing - Sarah Smith - A crotchety old superhero's lonely exile is invaded - he longs for death, but may yet discover how to truly live. 2 stars - The description is accurate... yet sounds way more exciting than this story actually is. It was a good idea but was executed in an odd way that didn't allow me to get into it. There were several conversations between Green and Lan where I got what they were supposed to be conveying, but the overly deep and attempted philosophical way it was done often left me saying, "Huh?"

One for the Money - Jeaniene Frost - (Night Huntress World #4.5) - Cat and Bones pull guard duty for a human heiress targeted by supernatural hit men. - Eh, the narrator made it hard for me to get into this one. I usually love Cat and Bones but in this, Cat was a little too Sookie-esque and Bones was apparently Australian because the Bitish accent was terrible.

Meanwhile, Far Across the Caspian Sea... - Daniel Stashower - An author takes his job as researcher to a new level. -

The Innsmouth Nook - A. Lee Martinez - Owners of a bed and breakfast rewrite their business plan to accommodate an unexpected demographic in their clientile. -

Safe and Sound - Jeff Abbott - An ambitious and less than scrupulous TV reporter milks the investigation into a young man's disappearance for ratings. -

Seeing is Believing - L A Banks - After 'seeing' that the cause of several local deaths is a supernatural predator, a young woman heads off to New Orleans to gather what she needs to fight the beasts and there she gains an ally in an unusual young man. -

The Perils of Eferjim - Katie MacAlister - (Aisling Grey: Guardian #4.5) A short starring Aisling Grey's demon newfie sidekick Jim - With Aisling on vacation, Jim's off to grab some R&R as well when he gets forced into human form and banished to Abaddon. -

Thin Walls - Christopher Golden - A man is on a memorial tour honoring his dead wife, but an eye opening encounter with a seductive woman is what it takes to help him move on. -

The Heart is Always Right - Lilith Saintcrow - A gargoyle's vacation in the sun is preempted when he discovers that the young woman he's been drawn to is the key to gaining his ultimate dreams if he's willing to pay the price. -

The Demon in the Dunes - Chris Grabenstein - A man remembers a long ago summer vacation from his youth and a ghostly encounter. -

Home from America - Sharan Newman - A man of Irish descent, has a chance to visit the old country when his family gets invited to a family reunion. -

Pirate Dave's Haunted Amusement Park - Toni L P Kelner - A recently turned werewolf returns to a childhood vacation spot to ponder her future. A visit to a favorite amusement park offers her the chance to pursue the pirate of her teenage fantasies and a chance to make use of her new abilities.