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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Kiss Me, Kill Me (Includes: Dulcie O'Neil, #1.5; Wild, #3) - Kait Nolan, H.P. Mallory,  Zoe Winters,  Susan Bischoff,  Lori Brighton,  M.T. Murphy,  Toni LoTempio,  Daniel Arenson,  Stacey Wallace Benefiel

Cat Fight, Zoe Winters - 2 stars This was whatever. Felt kind of pointless. Maybe if I had read the novella the characters are from (Kept) than I would have been a little more interested.

The Ghoulish Valentine, H.P. Mallory - 3 stars (Dulcie O'Neil, #1.5) This involves the characters from her book To Kill a Warlock and if you haven't read that than I don't think this story would do much for you. I knew the characters, so it was cute, although it doesn't progress them at all and is just a short fun little side adventure.

Impulse Control, Susan Bischoff - 5 stars (Talent Chronicles #0.5) This is a side story to the Talent Chronicles, but with different characters so you can still enjoy it without having read Hush Money. Just like with 'Hush Money', I absolutely loved it. This series has an X-Men sort of vibe to it, with the government taking children to a State School once they are know to have Talents so they can be "trained". It is unique to be able to develop a good world as well as characters in a short story, but I think Bischoff did a great job and I can't wait for the second book in this series! (I'm hoping the kids from this story will meet up with the ones from the first book, there was one character from the first book, Emma, but she just had a cameo).

A Fairytale Ending, M.T. Murphy - 1.5 star (Villainous #0.5) While I can appreciate the irony of the title, this one just didn't do it for me. I can appreciate the attemp not to romanticize vamps and weres, but really, what was the point? Not a fan.

Blindsight, Kait Nolan - 4 stars So I really liked this short story. Interesting world, great characters, only problem is that I felt like it ended kind of abruptly. Either way, the continuation on these characters will be a full-length book in the fall and I will definitely be looking forward to it.

The Sacrifice, Toni LoTempio - 1 star At first I thought this would be an interesting idea because it sort of challenges your typical PNR theme of the woman and vamp falling madly in love and he's perfect. However, I think it's possible to do short stories without things seeming abrupt and crazy easy for the characters to figure out, and LoTiempo just does NOT pull that off.  I haven't finished it, so maybe my review will change if I decide to go back to it, but as of right now it stands.

Wild Passion, Lori Brighton - (Wild, #3)

Until the Breaking of the Day, Daniel Arenson

If You Leave, Stacey Wallace Benefiel