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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Texas Pride - Kindle Alexander

This was a good read. The last book I read got a little slow and I had to force myself to finish, I was concerned that M/M romance was just getting too redundant/cliched/etc for me and that I would have the same problem here, but I really didn't. I read this in a few days without a problem and had to cut myself off at midnight to go to sleep or I would have kept reading.

It started well with an interesting introduction to Austen as a very jaded celebrity faking it down the red carpet just counting the seconds until he could leave. And then our sexy cowboy Kit faking it with some friends at a bar playing it 'straight'. The timing and events of the boys getting together worked for me. It didn't drag out too long but they were both obviously protecting their emotions for a while and keeping things in check.

I will say that Austen surprised me at times with how open he was and sometimes seemed too far out of character, but it never bothered me too much. Although near the end when he asked three times that Kit not go on a three day cattle drive to help out the high-school because he would miss him... needy much?!?!

Three times we saw other peoples POV besides of our MC's, Rich and Mercedes seemed relevant, as well as Dunc, but the one with Cara and Seth was totally pointless and I have no desire for drippy lady-parts in my M/M Romance thank you very much! And speaking of Cara, her whole side plot was a little pointless and rushed.

The only other thing that bothered me... Austen always topped! When he first saw Kit he specifically thought about how in control and dominant he was and how fucking sexy that was. I thought we were gonna get a little BDSM-light thrown in, but alas. They mention several times that Kit fucked him but we only ever read Austen fucking Kit. Finally at the end they switch, but with all that build up it seemed purposeful and I would therefor expect something special. While hot, it was just the usual. I really wanted to see Kit take charge at some point.