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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
The Gravedigger's Brawl - Abigail Roux 3.5 stars This was a fun little read. Given the description, I never quite felt the sense of peril that I thought I should. The weird little 'happenings' dragged on a little too long without enough development. In a way they progressed, but it never really felt like they were given the appropriate attention/fear they deserved until the sudden climax. I felt like the possession should have occurred more over time. There was just that one instance of fugue. And if Vincent DuBouix wants to possess/become these guys... Then why did they all kill themselves? Or could he just not help reliving his death the same way? That was never really addressed.

I enjoyed all the little historical details and Ash's eccentricities. And I liked Wyatt as well. But I never felt as much of a connection as I wanted. Wyatt was stupid to fuck and duck. Then Ash was stupid not to forgive him/listen to an explanation when he said sorry and that he panicked. Then despite expressing misgivings, all of a sudden Ash kissed him again. That didn't mesh for me. They were cute together though after the initial drama. I'd love to see a prequel or short story about Noah and Caleb!

March 2013 group read in M/M Romance Group