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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
The Fight Within - Andrew  Grey 2.5 stars So let me preface this by saying that I really liked book one, [b:The Good Fight|15826297|The Good Fight (The Good Fight, #1)|Andrew Grey|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1344870069s/15826297.jpg|21558216]. Also, I appreciate that the author is bringing awareness to problems currently plaguing the Native American people in this country, and I think his intentions with that regard are noble.

Now to explain my somewhat low rating. I just couldn't get into it, pretty much right from the start. My memory of Bryce from book one was a young just out of school computer geek, and I believe I remember them mentioning something about Percy but had kinda forgotten until I started this book. So I was surprised with the first chapter, and since I knew Paytah was the love interest for this book, the whole chapter was just waiting for the axe to fall. At first I though Percy would leave him at the alter or something. So it felt a little like they were trying to get to you emotionally right away, but I just wasn't invested enough yet.

Also, Bryce's personality/character seemed to change to me. Like I said, he was different than I remembered, but fine. However, my main issue was that he seemed a different person throughout the book too. He just all of a sudden was super deep and kept saying really flowery stuff and I dunno it was just... meh. It almost seemed like he was the older, more experienced mentor taking Paytah under his wing or something, which again, I just didn't feel like it fit.

I felt like the Percy issue was going to be the focal point of the story. Bryce's struggles, etc. But despite that being the start of the book, we immediately jump to a year later when Bryce is finally ready to move on and I felt like the Percy story-line sort of got dropped. It didn't really feel necessary in fact. The whole Mr. Mark issue as well as the tribe became the main focus. And despite this becoming the main story-line, it ended rather abruptly after all the build-up. There was that one confrontation at the end, but after that it got resolved all through hearsay basically. Mark got arrested and two dozen other people came forward with reports of sexual assault, but we didn't see any of the fall out. Which after all the set up, I would have liked to.

Speaking of the tribe... I know this wasn't the authors intent, and I know it's sort of the theme of the series... but it seemed redundant from book one and to be honest a little insulting to have another white guy come in and basically save the tribe. They tried to say 'they're just his ideas' and he said 'the tribe needs to be the ones to actually do this', but in the end it felt like white-man-saves-day.

Lastly, in addition to these plot issues I had, the dialogue just felt stilted and forced. I had a little bit of this problem in book one (I commented how the "My Warrior" that Jerry used to say would sound weird if an actual person ever said it) and that's how I felt through this whole book. "This is a beautiful and thoughtful gift... Your gift is beautiful, and whenever I see it, I'll always think of you." In real life you would say "It's beautiful, and SO thoughtful! It will make me think of you." See what I mean, maybe just too formal for my liking.

Anyway, I kind of had to force myself to finish. I was about ready to give up but I kept going... and then it ended like two pages later. The epilogue did help wrap things up but overall it just didn't work for me unfortunately.