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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Denying Yourself - Silvia Violet 2.5 stars because I've read some pretty good 3 stars and I just feel the need to distinguish a little. I liked the general premise, although this made me realize why people complain so much about 1st person narrative. I don't usually mind it, but something about the telling of a story that's already happened to them just keeps me at a distance. So unfortunately, while I enjoyed the story itself, I never really felt a connection with either of the MC's.

For that matter, despite all the claims of everlasting love... I never felt much of a connection between the characters either. I almost feel like this would have been better if told from the time they met, spanning their friendship, then running away, then the same emotional turmoil but condensed over a shorter time. Because as it was, they both just seemed miserable right off the bat, and I felt like Shane was not only self-destructive, but they were both pretty destructive to each other (which often happens in young relationships as I can personally attest, and that's why you need to cut the cord). So while I was happy with the reunion and HEA, I kinda felt like they would have been just as well off to just go on with their lives separately.

That was my general impression, now for some of the things that I feel kept this from being a higher rating:

1) I'll admit I did cry once, and that was part of what made me round up to 3 stars when Shane is devastated after going to Asheville to see Matt again and is rejected after giving him a hope-inspiring blow-job, and he's sobbing on Carl's shoulder. Poor kid. But given Shane's serious addiction, some of the horrible shit he goes through (which is only mentioned later-on briefly in remembrance - ALL tell, and NO show), and just the all encompassing and destructive love these two have for each other... I feel like I should have been emotionally devastated... and I just wasn't.

2) Matt's sudden mood swings/mind changes, there are two specifically that left me a little confused. First was when Matt finally confronts Shane saying he can't stop thinking about their one kiss a few weeks prior. That's fine, except that since said kiss Shane has been in a downward spiral riding a wave of self-hatred and booze! Not the best time Matt! Especially since, understandably, Matt has been getting increasingly fed-up and seemingly disgusted with Shane's behavior. So the timing and lack of discussion with that just didn't seem to fit for me. Second was later, after all their issues. I guess he decided to reconcile, which is fine, but they needed to talk! You can't just hold someone's hand and "claim" them after all the shit they've been through. Uhg, anyway.

3) Lastly, just the amount with which they run away. Literally. Right off the bat, I didn't understand this. Um, you're 18 years-old guys. You don't need to sneak away in the early morning light. Just tell your parents that you want to move out and do your own thing for a while, you're big boys now.

4) I had to come back and add this one after reading a review mentioning the hot sex. Once they got to the sex, yes. But I have to admit I'm starting to hate when one characters just has to "explore" the other. UHG! I don't wanna read for 5 pages about you kissing his foot, and his knee, and his hip bone, and his beautiful fucking elbow. Just fuck already! So yeah, there's that. :)