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Point of No Return (Turning Point #1)
N.R. Walker
His - Elizabeth Coldwell This wasn't poorly written, some of the subject matter may have just been a little extreme for me. I know that people do have 24/7 D/s relationships, but with respect to this I couldn't stop my inner monologue the whole time; "So is he really gonna sleep on the floor forever? Does he have to quit his job? Can he ever eat a full meal?". The excessive slave-iness just pushed it for me since this was in a realistic modern day setting as opposed to a more fantastical slave story, where I can suspend reality and just enjoy the ride. And for $3.99 I would want a longer story where I can actually follow the characters into a budding relationship. And I was rolling my eyes and almost couldn't read it when Sean was telling Dante he was falling in love with him... The day after they met! It seemed to me that he loved the slave lifestyle and Dante just happened to be the one to give it to him.. I just didn't feel an emotional connection.