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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."

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Point of No Return (Turning Point #1)
N.R. Walker
Many Bloody Returns - Tanya Huff, Christopher Golden, Kelley Armstrong, Elaine Viets, Charlaine Harris, Bill Crider, P.N. Elrod, Toni L.P. Kelner, Jeanne C. Stein, Carolyn Haines, Tate Hallaway, Rachel Caine, Jim Butcher Dracula Night (Charlaine Harris) 3 stars - (Sookie Stackhouse #4.3) One of the better Sookie shorts. Pretty silly, but basically it's Dracula's birthday (a big vampire holiday) so Eric is having a party. Of course Sookie spends way too much time describing the invitation, her outfit, etc (although miraculously she didn't do any cleaning!) as is her way, but it was OK. Pam was the shining star for me.

*The Mournful Cry of Owls (Christopher Golden) 4 stars - Wow I did not see where this one was going. It starts out as the day before a girl is turning 16, and is pretty typical teenager stuff although slightly adjusted because of her mom's "old-world-ways." Although it does take it's time working up to it, it ended up being very interesting, very unique, maybe a little tragic, and a total surprise... in a good way.

I Was a Teenage Vampire (Bill Crider) 2.5 stars - A little fun, a little silly, took a while getting to the point but overall OK.

Twilight (Kelley Armstrong) 3 stars - This was an extremely interesting idea of a vamp who is starting to lose the will to live and the taste for blood. I love the pseudo-ending, but it did drag a bit.

*It's My Birthday, Too (Jim Butcher) 4 stars - (The Dresden Files #9.1) Amazing as always. It's Tomas' birthday so Harry and Molly try to find him to give him is present, and of course mischief and mayhem ensue.

*Grave-Robbed (P.N. Elrod) 4 stars - (The Vampire Files) Really interesting and so well written, about a vamp PI who investigates a charlatan medium. I'm definitely going to check out this author and see if there is anything else in this series.

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (Rachel Caine) 2.5 stars - (Morganville Vampires) This was OK, it was definitely a unique and interesting town where vamps ruled. But I'm kind of glad I never got into this series. The main character was annoying, but maybe that was because I am not a fan of this narrator (same chick that does Sookie) and she just makes everyone sound like a southern twit.

The Witch and the Wicked (Jeanne C. Stein) 2.5 stars - This wasn't bad, it was just whatever. It did take an interesting turn half-way through and I thought it was going to get good. But than it ended in what felt like the middle of a paragraph. A total WTF moment.
(book 1 The Becoming and book 2 Blood Drive)

Blood Wrapped (Tanya Huff) 3 stars - (Tony Foster, Otherworld Stories #7.2) About a vamp and a wizard looking for a little girl, interesting dynamic in that vamp's aren't out but there seems to be a large group/underground/cops-maybe who know about them. This story in itself wasn't super wonderful, but I liked the world, the characters, and writing enough that I may look into this author if there is more to this series.

The Wish (Carolyn Haines) 2 stars - This story had an interesting concept. A woman (with a really annoying southern twang on the audio) wants to cheat Death after she sees Death take her children but refuses to let the woman die because "it's not her time." She broods over this for 15 years and spends most of the story re-capping to us what exactly happened at the start and in subsequent years. The ending was an interesting twist, but it was all pretty blah up until that end.

Fire and Ice and Linguini for Two (Tate Hallaway) 2 stars - A witch and her vampire boyfriend are trying to go out for dinner during a blizzard on Christmas to celebrate his birthday, even though he says his birthday is cursed. Obviously, shit goes down. This was OK, but nothing really special. Cheesy/Mushy ending annoyed me.

*Vampire Hours (Elaine Viets) 4.5 stars - Loved this, it has a really good pace. A middle-aged rich woman who is about to be replaced by the newer, younger version. Great ending, but I would not have minded if it continued on to be a full-length book about her change and journey.

*How Stella Got Her Grave Back (Toni L.P. Kelner) 3.5 stars - Interesting story about a vamp and her vamp boyfriend who go back to her home town because she wants to see her grave. I was gonna give it 3 stars initially, but the ending was just too cute.