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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."

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Point of No Return (Turning Point #1)
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Cold Front - Ann Somerville 3.5 stars overall

One Brief Encounter - 3 stars I enjoyed this novella as a light introduction to Dek and Ren and was interested enough to want to continue with their story, although I didn't find the sex all that steamy I did enjoy their interactions. I liked that Somerville didn't bother with a bunch of explanation and just threw you into the world and let you figure it out on your own. The only thing that bothered me is some of the wording felt forced and arbitrary. Why is there a different unit of measurement but they still tell time in hours? And maybe if I was British I wouldn't have noticed this, but since this was supposed to be some completely different world, the use of words like "bloody" "tosser" and "arse" kind of pulled me out of the story.

A House Is Not A Home - 3 stars This was a nice continuation, and follows Dek and Ren and they end up working together.

Cold Front Here is where it gets tricky. I feel like I need to give two entirely separate reviews for the first half of this books versus the second half. The first half is a solid 3 star, just like the novellas. I liked it, I like the guys. They obviously have a connection (I know this both because they say as much, but also because of their actions), however I just don't feel much of a connection, if you know what I mean. It fell a little flat for me, and the investigation started to drag on a bit (although this is consistent with Ren and Dek's growing frustration at how much trouble they were having solving this case). But then cue the big climactic turn of events Ren gets kidnapped, and damn does the shit fly. I was stressed, worried, I cried, I finally felt that connection I was waiting for, and maybe it's appropriate that I didn't feel it until the characters would acknowledge it. But I really wasn't sure where the book would go and how things would resolve. In the end it was perfect, because it wasn't perfect. I hope there is more about these two, I would definitely read it.