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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Happily Neverafter (Petit Morts) - Jordan Castillo Price I'm a little confused by this, it almost seems like a totally different series (which maybe is the point, since the last novella definitely turned the tables.) But the main thing I loved about this series was how sweet and whimsical it was.

Chance also seemed sweet and whimsical, despite his many wry comments and occasional attitude. But in this one he seemed bitter and we basically learn that he doesn't even like this job. Although we always want answers, answers, answers, I liked the mystery and I'm not sure I wanted all this new information Chance used to be Death but for some reason got swapped with his ex-lover for the Love gig? which doesn't seem consistent with this series as a whole.

Also, Dave and Milo's story sorta felt like a write in. It seemed like that little glimpse into the future was used so that they didn't have to actually deal with showing us these two get together. I would highly recommend this series up until number 10, but I'm a little nervous if this is the new status-quot. I'll probably check out one more, but if it's like this one I may call it quits.