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Point of No Return (Turning Point #1)
N.R. Walker
Talker - Amy Lane OK that was really freakin' sweet. I have to admit, I wasn't on board the whole time. It's get frustrating to watch two people be so oblivious and get hurt in the process. But in the end I had a big grin on my face so that counts for a lot. There was a lot of emotional stuff going on but I still feel like we'll get to know the guys a little better in future books (which I will definitely check out). It'd be nice to see them both break out of their respective shells and get from effen friends!

The weird flashbacks in the first few chapters were a little disorienting at first though, to be honest, and would have affected my rating if it hadn't picked up in the end. I feel like they could have made a little smoother because it confused to timeline a lot for me. And they left me a little disconnected ta times because instead of actually seeing a lot of their freindship development, we were simply told about a lot of it after the fact.