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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Death's Rival  - Faith Hunter Damn, I kind of wish I'd waited until the next one was out to read this! Basically I enjoyed it thoroughly and I still love this series... the BUT is that I'm always hoping for romantic resolution and in this type of series I just need to accept that that probably isn't going to happen until the last book (if ever).

OK, on to my pet peeve rants:
1) Bruiser: I thought that whole situation was very sad but wasn't exactly surprised. Jane herself said that Leo will always come first so even she knew there was the possibility of betrayal (he literally can't refuse Leo), so I accepted that. What I didn't accept was her making out with him after that. Excuse me?!? I know he's hot, but that seemed out of character for Jane after what he had done, to say the least.
2) Leo: OH, HELL NO! Profitable or not, mature or not, deserved or not, irresponsible or not... tear his fucking throat out!!! That scenes was SO hard to read, it basically read like a rape scene, but Jane and I got through it together. I can even accept her completing her responsibilities because innocents could die if she backed out, but once things were resolved I wanted a very intense confrontation and fucking reckoning of Leo getting what was coming to him! But all we get is a "even though you betrayed me I owe you for letting me kill this other guy"... um... WHAT?!?! No.
3) Rick: I get that he was hurt... I get that. But she got SHOT IN THE FUCKING HEART, maybe you could cut her a little slack for something she thought she saw right before she GOT SHOT IN THE FUCKING HEART!