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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban 2.5 stars Hmm... I gotta be honest, I'm not really sure what all the hype is about. For the first section I just kept thinking, they're both right. Ty really is an ass and Zane really is a whiney pansy.

I had this labelled as a romantic suspense, but really it's just a super angsty romance where they happen to sort of be trying to solve a crime on the side. And not very well at that. They make almost no headway with the case for most of the book, just wandering around and talking about nothing. I guessed who the killer was simply by the shear fact that the authors were trying so hard not to reveal who the killer is. In making Henniger so 'trustworthy', he was really the only option. I mean what kind of shitty cops don't realize that he is the ONLY person they keep giving this info to (ie: their location) and then not suspecting him when the killer knows this as well?!? But anyway, they just spend most of the book injured anyway.

Oh and of course, having one of their many non-sensicle conversations. To quote my friend DG, "Ty & Zane talk a lot but say very little." They'd make innuendos or suggestions and get angry or offended, and honestly, a lot of the time I wasn't even sure what the hell they were talking about.

Besides that, I did notice several inconsistencies that, while not huge, stood out. One example was Zane blowing cigarette smoke out the door and then putting the unlit cigarette behind his ear. But bigger than that was the behavior of the killer. They said he was doing it because he admired cops, but Henniger didn't seem to bat an eyelash at shooting Sears and Ross in cold blood. And really anyone who might get him caught. So what was the point of it all. Also, they said he had been jumpy in the office, but all of a sudden he's a smooth killing machine when he's walling Ty up. It just didn't fit.

To be fair, the sex was hot. So there's that. I am curious about the appeal to these books, so I may give them one more chance in the hopes that they improve, but I'm not holding my breath.

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