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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
The Zero Knot - K.Z. Snow This book actually surprised me a little, and I ended up liking it more than I expected. I didn't love the portrayal of the Domino Club. There's nothing wrong with feeling like you've outgrown a group of friends, but it bothered me that Mig and Jess wrote the others off so completely. Obviously we learn later than Bran is an ass anyway, but at this point it seemed harsh and a little unfair. Hanging out in the one fiends basement and experimenting with a variety of things also reminded me very much of one of my groups of friends in high school, so I didn't really appreciate some of the negative implications about people who just aren't sure yet what they want yet.

Anyway, I really ended up liking Mig and Jess both separately and together. Some of the miscommunication got frustrating, but I guess boys will be boys. They're expected to want to 'play' around, and Mig especially felt like he didn't wanna limit Jess. The whole arrest side-plot was a little sudden and random for me, I think we could have done without it. I also kept finding it distracting because I really don't think an 18 year old kid would actually be in jail</> while they're still collecting evidence, taking statements, etc. his parents could afford bail, he's not a flight risk, it was weird.

I looooved Red and Jess's dad, they were a great addition and it was nice to see a successful coming out for once. I thought it ended a smidge abruptly, although especially given their young age, I guess ending shortly after coming out is appropriate to indicate all they have in front of them. But the epilogue was perfect to wrap things up and give us a little glimpse.

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