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2.5 stars At first I though it was ridiculous that Cal had another run-in with Winston so soon after the annoying oh-no-a-dog-is-on-my-feet-whatever-will-I-do? (Umm... move your feet?). But it turned out to be cute how the bulldog was used to constantly bring them back together with his matchmaking ways.

It was hard for me to like this story too much because I just did not like or understand Cal at all, or his appeal. He's kind of a jerk with a short-fuse. At the end of the story they allude to some of his issues but it's all too vague for my liking, and I still don't feel like I know him or that it justifies his actions. The BDSM component seemed really random, and just came out of nowhere to all of a sudden explain everything.

The scene on the couch was hot, but other than that I actually didn't like how heavily focused on sex this was from the beginning. It's not that it's erotica, far from it, it's that it is all Jordan can think about. Not only is this kind of boring but it makes their connection feel shallow to me, like that is Cal's only appeal.

It did have several funny quotes though, usually from Cal the few times he wasn't being a total douche.