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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
The Witch Hunter - Nicole R. Taylor 3.75 stars Hmmm... I can't decide whether I'm mad enough about that cliffhanger to go down to three stars. I am assuming it's a cliffhanger and not an ending or that would just be bullshit. I am OK with some open ended books when you know it's gonna be a trilogy or whatever because there should be an overarching plot throughout the series, but... this is a little much. Seriously?!? You're going to kill the main effen character! UHG, I'm sure Aya will be fine but I can't say I'm not annoyed.

Anyway, lets talk about the rest of the story. I did like it. Something about the jumping between 5 different characters (and a few extras here and there), although off-putting at first, worked because it was more well-rounded. And I could enjoy the story for itself while still disliking people. Liz was annoying, for example. Sam and Gabby were kinda... meh. And Zac really was was a selfish, immature prick. But it worked, and I would have like to see where things could have gone once he started coming around, but I guess I'll have to wait till the next book for that. And I know he was kind of an ass, but they were all kind of assholes to him (especially the girls) and I had a hard time figuring out if they were even friends. He could be a jerk but I wish they developed a little more of a relationship between him and the others, but maybe that was the point?

A few details that bothered me. I'm OK with Aya adapting quickly, especially with strong powers of observation and reading a lot. But screw reading, unless she crammed in hours of television and movies her language skills would not have been so blatantly 21st century in just a few days. And I just felt like they wasted a lot of time at the end during the big climax. I didn't get a huge sense of urgency. Gabby went to talk to her parents and wasted time even though they knew it probably wouldn't work, and even though Liz compelled them to forget she didn't even double check and ask them the info they went there for?! And I just didn't feel like they investigated all their options thoroughly they did the scrying, fine, but why couldn't they just summon her back?! Aya had been summoned away, they had the grimore now.? So I just wish they had explained a little more.

But definitely a good urban fantasy with some different ideas that I haven't seen before. There was a lot left unanswered why dies Zac's "blood sing to her"? but I assume more will be revealed throughout the series and, for the most part, I'm OK with that. Will be keeping an eye out for number 2.

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