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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
A Reason To Believe - Diana Copland Lets start at the beginning. The first chapter is (as the blurb describes) when our MC Matt discovers the body of a murdered child, led there by her ghost. Now obviously this sounds sad to anyone, but the slow and quite way this chapter progresses, as Matt comes to the realization of what's happening (even though we already now) is heartbreaking in a way I can't describe. So you know you're in for it when you're crying in chapter 1.

In chapter two we learn more about Matt and his history, and again, the slow reveal of information and just the way it unfolds hits you emotionally without feeling like the author is trying to sucker punch you. It just feels real and sad and true. So I cried some more. Ohmygod have tissues ready with this one! When he describes breaking down at the funeral, I totally fuckin' lost it.

Now in walks Kiernan Fitzpatrick; adorable, funny, bouncy-with-puppy-lik-energy, and surprising deep and caring. There is just no way you can't love him. Both his comedic and emotional/supportive timing is impecible, Kiernan is very attuned to people and knows just what they need when they need it. He was a perfect match for Matt and it was great to see him bring Matt back around to the land of the living.

Some great side character like the sister and sister-in-law, and even Karen Reynolds. YAY for strong female characters in a gay romance! The plot and romance wove together perfectly and felt very well balanced. The only plot hole I found was Abby's interference at the end with Preston. Doesn't that make her more of a poltergeist? If ghosts could do this then wouldn't all murdered ghosts attack their killers? It seemed a little much. It had a sweet ending but I felt an epilogue was in order to wrap up a few lose ends Not to be a spoil sport but... where are they gonna live? Both of them have family nearby, Kiernan films his show in LA and then tours, will Matt put in for reassignment and move? I need the practicalities to know this will work!