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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Silver/Steel - Belinda McBride OK just please don't look at the cover, because it took me a while to get the creepy guys image out of my head when picturing Dylan.

Onto the story. I was hesitant about the description. I'm not a huge fan of fae heavy stories, but it doesn't focus on their culture just on this one particular character and his story.

Travis is a little bit of a shit but once you hear his inner thoughts and issues I felt sorry for him, and the way the pack was portrayed initially in this was actually really making me hate them. Michaella in particular in this book, they made look really bad they blamed preggo hormones but she was so unstable and making poor decisions to the point where I felt she should be bumped down from Beta. I hope they redeem her a little in the next book. The pack was portrayed poorly, and while I'm glad Travis worked out his issues with them, I didn't like how it ended up all on his shoulders. Yes he kept himself isolated and separate blah blah blah, but I would have liked a heart-to-heart with Lukas or something to resolve the deeper issues.

I liked Travis and Dylan together. Even though it was sort of insta-love they presented it well and it developed in a time-appropriate manner. I did think that once the final climax came, Dylan's issues were resolved way too easily. Ulrich is a thousands of year old fae that almost kills Travis until they remind Jason 'hey can't you control metal which just happens to be toxic to our evil villain?' and they kill him. Somewhat anti-climactic. But on a side note, I hope Jason gets a book!. And then the secondary plot although it clearly ended, was unresolved for me because they never explained what happened OK so the rogue pack started the fire and they fought... but what about the EFFEN DEMON?!? And what happened to Deacon and Brenden?!

All in all better than I had been expecting. I'll keep and eye out for the next one! There have been some teasers at side characters with hetero love-interest too that I would love short stories on DEF Deacon and Travis's mom Melody. Maybe also Dean and April.