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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Know Not Why - Hannah  Johnson 4.5 stars This is ridiculously cute and bantery and funny and sweet. The missing half star is really just for lack of sex. It fits with the style, and in a way it's fine that they skipped it. But especially since this is Howie's first gay experience I did feel like I was missing something not being able to see his reactions and hear his inner silliness during more than just kissing. And when I thought they had just had those first couple kisses, then he mentions getting caught on the floor of the supply closet and I'm all "excuse me, what?!" so I sorta felt like I missed a step in their relationship.

But, anywho, it's split into thirds. The first is getting to know Howie and his life and his amazing sense of humor and setting everything up. The second is mostly him and Artie which of course is great. And then the last is actually a lot of all the other people in his life and that was really nice, made the story feel very whole. All of the supporting characters each have a completely unique and lovable personality for different reasons, and they all totally work. Even though it was long, and could have been shorter, when I was approaching the end I got a little sad cuz I just wanted to keep hangin' out with them all! (Dennis is the only character who could have been fleshed out more - he kinda just seemed to be there to present Howie as the 'other' aka: not as good/cool/perfect/brilliant, etc. brother. Although they bonded a smidgen at the end, I wanted more they didn't really show us his reaction at all the Howie coming out!!!)

OK so now for some amazing quote:

"So he comes stomping on in and violates me - yeah, that's right, violates me! - and then he doesn't even have the secretly gay decency to enjoy himself???"

"From the mouths of babes comes crazy-ass malarkey. That's what they say, right?"

"I find myself smiling back - not to uphold the general rules of smiling, wherein when someone smiles at you, you return it, but because I want to"

"...You're just all together, like, you popped out of the womb, all, "Thanks for squeezing me out, Mom; no more pussy for me." "

"I kiss him back, which is definitely gay. And wouldn't you know, at the moment, I don't even fucking care."

"I wake up twenty minutes to noon the next morning, feeling like what shit wants to be when it grows up..."

"I'm starting to think that maybe there's only one thing weirder than me being with a dude, and it's me being with a healthy eater."

"Whaddaya say, Amber? If in, say, ten years, you're still single, I'm still single-"
"You're romcom-propositioning me."
"Maybe a little."
"Don't. Ever."

"Sorry, pants. You served me well, by and large, but when you gotta go, you gotta go."

"Sure, Emily's a weirdo, but you know who else was probably a weirdo? Jesus."

"For all my talk of self-sacrifice, I guess I would make a sucky Jesus, because I bolt."

"I wonder if it's possible to throw up from irony."

"Soul searching's one of those things you do alone."
Mitch and I sit in impressed silence at this wise reflection upon the nature of existence.
"Like jerking off...or taking a dump."