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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Special Delivery - Heidi Cullinan 3.5 stars OK so to break it down, the sex in this book is freaken hot... everything else I could take or leave. It wasn't until they got to Vegas that I could really say I liked either Mitch or Sam, even a little. Well I guess that isn't entirely true, I liked them both until they got on the road. Before that Sam was young and slutty and struggling and that was fine. And Mitch was just hotness.

Once they start driving, however, Sam is immature and whiney. Constantly second guessing every decision and self deprecatingly calling himself stupid every two seconds. Unattractive and annoying. And Mitch annoyed me too because he was pushing past relationship negativity onto this relationship and not paying attention to what was actually happening they would have crazy hot and dirty sex that Sam obviously loved... and then he would get all bummed and worry he pushed Sam too far, UHG stop being such a pussy! If it concerns you that much than have a real conversation/open discussion about it! I never really did understand what his and Randy's big fight was about anyway.

OK but then obviously they finally resolved their issues and to reiterate, the sex was HOT. I will say the only ONE thing that did push past my comfort zone was the two cocks in his ass... OUCH! Luckily they didn't spend too long on that though or go into too much detail since Sam was busy having an epiphany. They did still annoy me again at the end with their indecision and stupidity I wasn't even sure where they left things when they split because they never had a real discussion about it. And who the fuck hasn't heard of traveling nursing?!? That was my first thought the second he said he was a nursing student. But anyway, how does that help? Yes Mitch can do local routes where Sam's position is for 8 weeks or so and then they can move on... but as a trucker I think he needs to build relationship, especially if local, so I'm not sure how practical that actually is. But then of course that last scene had me grinning like a giddy school girl despite the suddenness.