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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
The Melody Thief - Shira Anthony 2.75 stars So I started out with the first chapter loving this. Cary was obviously struggling and my heart broke for him and couldn't wait to see his journey of finding himself and his music again. It turned out to be a nice enough story, just something about it kept me at a distance. I liked the characters well enough but I didn't ever quite feel connected to them or emotionally invested.

Things just sort of happened. There was the addition of a surprise character, which was fine, but some of what transpired was a little odd I got lost in the argument Cary and Tonino had about Cary's Dad. Cary was mad Tonino wouldn't tell him, but he kept interrupting every time he tried to talk. And the whole "I won't have him here" seemed weird and over the top, but if he had explained he didn't feel safe with him around Massi it would have made more sense.. They sort of already had their HEA and then this characters was supposed to create upheaval... but I just didn't buy it. It's kind of ridiculous to even presume he would leave Tonino and move to NYC, to what? Be near his Daddy? Um, he's 28 years old and just met this man. And the way the tiniest snide comment from John made Cary question his and Antonio's relationship really annoyed me. You're an effen adult, grow a set! They had been together over a year at that point, are you really that freaken insecure?!

And although Cary did talk about it, given the title and his descriptions about music and the way it made him feel (and the way he wanted it to make him feel), I felt like that should have been more of a focus than it was. Like he should have been struggling with his music because of his downward spiral... but he wasn't really.

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