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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Against the Dark (Associates, #1) - Carolyn Crane 3.5 stars I enjoyed this book, and they introduced a few other Association guys that I'm sure I'll check out the next book in this series (which will likely feature on of them). It started out well with the girl gang pulling a heist, they had good interactions and a few funny moments, and the action started out well also. The girls worked well together and I knew she was gonna somehow end up having a run-in with Cole but I couldn't figure out where or how. I absolutely loved Carolyn Cranes Disillusionist Trilogy so I had high hopes for this. Since it's a genre switch I was concerned, but the beginning had me feeling like it was going to be different sort of romantic suspense.

While I did like it, once they got together/undercover and the plot ensued it did venture back into some romantic suspense tropes for me. Some of Cole's trying to tease/seduce/make Angel uncomfortable felt forced to me. That sex-talk scene in her kitchen and then him showing his abs (I'd laugh at a guy that lifted his shirt to show me his 6-pack) were a little cheesy. Once they got to actual sex it did not disappoint though, that bathroom scene... mmm. And I liked how they supported each other while undercover.

The end was a smidgen predictable but only in some ways Angel joining the Association, obviously. But I liked how they didn't see each other all the time and they weren't all of a sudden some hot-shot undercover team. One critique, which I know the author may not have control over, is I think they should work on the covers. It's such a typical cheesy cover and her other series was so cool, I think it would help to break this book out of the romantic-suspense mold. Anywho, I'll be waiting for number two!

I received an advanced copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review.