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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
When One Door Opens - J.D. Ruskin I enjoyed this a lot. Both Caleb and Logan were likable characters and they each had issues that made them more relatable and real. Their issues were a part of their characters and therefor had the appropriate amount of face-time but weren't overpowering to the story. I felt like both the alcoholism and the agoraphobia were handled realistically and taken seriously. Neither of them got a quick fix, (Although I did feel like Caleb progressed a little quickly a movie theater and a ball game are HUGELY populated areas, they seemed like a big jump to me.) and even at the end they were both still working on themselves.

A lot of people had issue with Karen Foster and her role. I obviously didn't like her either, but I guess because of all the comments I was expecting her to have a larger role and therefore her presence in the story didn't piss me off as much. She wasn't exactly necessary either though. They had their own inner obstacles to overcome so I didn't really feel like the story needed an outside obstacle as well. While I was glad that she didn't cause too many problems and that resolution with respect to this side-plot came rather easily, it made it all the more irrelevant. I don't feel like she moved the plot along or caused the characters to grow at all.

There were some great side characters like John Dabb and Mrs. Simons, and Even Uncle Harrison who meant well and played a flawed but important role. I'd love to get a second book about these guys or even a short with love for Dabb (maybe a May-December with Daniel, the neighbor!), although once they mentioned his fanny pack I figured that wouldn't happen. :)