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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
The Student Prince - FayJay 4.5 stars Just Bloody Brilliant! (I'm still speaking with a British accent inside my head, it's just too fun!) This was sweet and funny and original and clever and just fuckin' great. And it's FREE!

My only complaint is that the magic potion wasn't constant/consistent throughout. It started out being a focus and they had some conflicts/supernatural run-ins... and then the middle third was almost like they forgot about it. I get that this is their life and they won't have life-threatening situations all the time. That's fine. And I did love seeing all the relationship drama and what-not. But even if they had interspersed Merlin in some classes or talking to professor Gaius, just to keep the magic component active, I think that would have helped.

Only other complaint is that it ended! Despite being a great ending, I actually said "NO!" out-loud when I saw the "Fin" :( But if you need a little Merlin-Arthur fix, I'd recommend Straight On Till Morning as a fun and quick little follow-up.

P.S. This is SUPER British, so some of the references went over my head like nicknames or insults but it really doesn't matter. But if any of you Brits would like to enlighten me on a specific translation/comparison for "Pillock", "Plonker" or "Twatwaffle"... I'd be obliged :)

January 2013 group read in M/M Romance Group