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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Drawn Together - Z.A. Maxfield 2.5 stars OK, but inconsistencies throughout that I need to get off my chest before I start my review:

1) Amelia - what the fuck is her deal? She was in an insane asylum for 5 years, got released... and is independently wealthy? WTF? How does she have a PI and three hired guns and is completely off the police's radar? Is she using all cash, they can't track her? EDIT: OK so I read further and they explained her dad was a mob boss... I dunno, it's just so far fetched and there wasn't any reason for them to withhold that information initially.
2) The cardiologist - Rory just saw the bite mark and then Yamane left until they met back up when all hell broke lose. To my knowledge they never talked about it, but later Yamane made a Dr. joke and then blushed and Rory said, "I understood then and I understand now." How the fuck did he even know the guy was a Dr? Also, were we supposed to know when they said a guy got stabbed that it was him? It wasn't until like 2 chapters later that came out but how the hell did that even happen? How did Amelia track him or know he had anything to do with Yamane? They didn't explain that at all.
3) The Grandparents - How did Amelia know they were the most important people to him. Realistically, she would have gone to his mothers house.
4) To the rescue!... very, very slowly - I know they figure Amelia is waiting until they get there but given that she kidnapped and tortured Yamane, there's no reason to think after Rory's Grandma sent the email Amelia didn't go back and is torturing them as we speak. She's effen crazy! Wouldn't the first thing Rory would do be to call them and make sure they're OK? Maybe give them a heads up not to open the door if she comes back? Alert the local authorities that a wanted criminal (for attempted murder! and kidnapping!) is in the vicinity and his grandparents may be at risk?!?! Nope. Let's fuck all night and then leisurely shop for a truck the next day.
5) The Truck - Why is Yamane buying him a car? He won like $40,000 I'm pretty sure he can afford to buy himself a replacement car. It's not like his car got trashed while saving Yamane's life or something, it's just shitty.
6) Sheriff Rene Chanfreau - I actually really liked when we started seeing stuff from his POV, finally someone that's actually making smart decisions. But the while scene with Ethan went down ridiculously, he's a cop, hello! He just chats with Ethan, the guys is still an accomplice, he should have been checked for weapons and handcuffed before anything else happened. He could have freaken shot Rene right off the bat! So stupid. And then he lets Ethan go?!?! He impersonated an officer to kidnap Rory and then handed him over to a crazy lade who had him beaton and thrown off a bridge... sure, no worries.
7) Frank - I'm all for people getting along but this was ridiculous. It's one thing when you get in a stupid fight with a stranger over a parking space or something and then make an effort to kiss and make-up... but not with someone who started the fight with bigoted homophobic comments!!! Besides, I doubt someone who would say that stuff would really come around to them.
8) Tucker Rory never found out that Yamane didn't actually sleep with him!

I really liked the set up of this story, although I expected Rory to be more geeky seeing as he traveled across the country because he's obsessed with an anime artist. It seemed a little odd that he was such a charming ladies man, didn't quite fit. And the "princess" thing was cute at first, but they went a little overboard when occasionally referring to Yamane in the feminine and I found it a little much at times.

Then all the stalker stuff happened which, honestly, was so-so and I started losing interest a little around page 150. It was just all so far-fetched and excessive. My main problem too was like I said in #4 up above, part of the story line had a very life-and-death rushed feel, especially when they started showing the St. Arnold's Parish characters POV's, but then would cut to Rory and Yamane and they would seem to be leisurely moving along... the flow just didn't quite work for me.

Also, some of their fighting at the end went back and forth too much and then just resolved out of nowhere they were fighting and Rory said goodbye because he though Yamane slept with Tucker, then they decide to have sex one more time, and the next morning (or was it later) their basically acting like a couple again.