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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Campus Cravings: Side-Lined - Carol Lynne 2.5 stars I definitely liked this better than the first, [b:Coach|6088110|Coach (Campus Cravings, #1)|Carol Lynne|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1355988992s/6088110.jpg|6265024], although still not great. I liked the way Max and Alec converse better, I still find Luc and Justin's way of talking to be overly cheesy and unrealistic. But Max and Alec still say stuff I would never say (ie: Max getting up from talking to the new qb he just met and saying "I'm getting the evil glare from the Neanderthal on the patio. Good thing I love him to piece.") Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but I don't go around gushing about it to random strangers and I've always found it odd and awkward when characters do that.

So now to the big White Elephant in this book. Babas. I've read a few other books with Daddy kink or 24/7 relationship and it's not really my thing but doesn't bother me too much. But in those books the younger guy usually talks about his need for this type of relationship too, prior to it happening. Granted, by the end it seemed to work for Max. But it bothered me a little that Alec just laid down the law of how he wanted things, and Max went with it. And I just don't think he explained it well.

By the end, their relationship ended up being one of strong D/s with a little Daddy kink but Max still had cute little rebellions he's get spanked for, etc, but it was really fine and not that a-typical. But the way Alec initially described it as "we won't be equals" really bothered me. Just because he the Dominant doesn't mean they're not equal. So yeah, I didn't like that. And a main problem with Daddy kink, is when they talk about themselves in the third person. UHG! "Babas likes that." "Come to your Babas." "Your Babas loves you." Just sounds silly.

Also, the big climax was stupid because if Alec didn't treat Max like a child then it wouldn't even have been an issue He's a 23 year-old man, he walked out because he didn't want to see you guys fighting. Alec jumped in the car and peeled out without putting his seat-belt on because he was so frantic, it was as if his three year-old had wandered off. Max is fine. Did you even try calling him first? So since the whole set-up was stupid, the scene didn't effect me emotionally like it was supposed to. And no one even mentioned the other car! ALEC ran a freaken red light, so someone hit him, are they OK since you're the asshole who caused the accident?!?!?!?

They set up Julian's story well, and I'm glad I already have the third one. Hopefully these will steadily get better. If you're looking for something similar to this, [b:Bound and Determined|7014637|Bound and Determined |Jane Davitt|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1256031031s/7014637.jpg|7260356] is also about an undergrad who gets with a Dominant professor (minus the Daddy kink) and I thought it was pretty good.

If you're interested in this series it's cheaper to get [b:Campus Cravings Vol. 1: On the field|3899212|Campus Cravings Vol. 1 On the field (Campus Cravings, #1-3)|Carol Lynne|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327244680s/3899212.jpg|3944520] for books 1-3.