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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Let It Go - Mercy Celeste I think this could have been a higher rating for me if it had just ended at 80%. Owen was the main villain to them both and with his death they had closure. Adding the stuff about Sly actually being Creed's dad and Creed running again just seemed like a ploy to add even more angst and was a little too much for me. Gimmie my HEA lady, I earned it!. It was waaaay more intense emotionally than I had anticipated, so be prepared. Some of the effed up shit had me crying. And some of the effed up shit had me yelling "oh come on already give me and these guys a break!" ALL the sexual abuse just got the be a little excessive and ridiculous at times

I dunno. In some ways I felt like as opposed to the characters growing or us learning more about them, the author simply changed them in ways to fit the story. I thought this was GFY, and the way the guys both talked initially led me to believe I was correct. I get trying to surprise us, but we were reading third person omniscient so I would think the fact they they were both completely gay would have come up earlier. And I felt like a lot of the sex scenes were from Eli's POV, or even when they were from Creed's we didn't really get his whole thought process. I get him having semi-flashbacks at the command "harder" and shutting off but even I was never sure if Creed even enjoyed the first time they had sex. Although they beat them to death, Creed's issues/neurosis and reasoning still didn't always make sense or have consistency to me.

I had to reign in my temper initially when Eli was, unprovoked, such a royal douche. He ended up sweetening up a lot. But it annoyed me at the end how Tom and everyone was saying they thought Creed was the one who needed saving (what, cuz he was skinny?) but it turned out it was Eli. Umm... what? Eli was the one drinking and starting fights while Creed kept to himself and followed the rules for the most part, so what would make you think that? And anyways, I call bullshit. Creed was so royally fucked up in the head it's not even funny. But again, I think it's sketchy the author kept that from us for so long when we were in Creed's head.