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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Chase in Shadow - Amy Lane I have this labeled as a 'tear-jerker' based on everyone elses review, but the problem is... I didn't cry. Not once. This to me says the author didn't accomplish what she was going for (with me anyway) because she was definitely trying to make me cry, maybe trying too hard.

The middle dragged a little and the angst got a bit repetitive. I think the problem too that held me back can be summed up in one word. Mercy. As a woman I couldn't help but put myself in her shoes and I think what Chase did to her is just about the worst possible thing you could do to someone. I get emotional baggage, I get staying in the closet, but it was totally fucked up to drag her in there with him. So at times it was difficult for me to have sympathy for Chase in that respect. Especially because we all know he wouldn't have lost his friends if he had come out and he hated his father and never talked to him anyway. So what exactly did he have to lose except the 'pretty future' in his head and the blaming himself for his mothers death, which I get... but just not enough to justify the damage he caused?

The jumping around in time and back and forth between real life and a shoot threw me initially, then I got used to it, but then there were still times where I wasn't sure what our timeline was like I kept trying to place that first bathroom scene and figure out when they broke-up and remember what would have happened right before that.

So I dunno. Overall it was a good story and well-written, I liked the characters and she certainly wrapped everything up thoroughly although the pregnancy seemed kind of unnecessary and a little random. But something just kept me from getting sucked in the way I felt like I should have.