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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Grey's Hidden Fire - Draven St. James 2.5 stars This was an OK read, I would just recommend you taking it for what it is and not looking too deeply. The sex is steamy and it's an enjoyable enough story, if not super original. A very similar tale that I preferred would be [b:Redemption by Fire|13617443|Redemption by Fire|Andrew Grey|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1335421355s/13617443.jpg|19219957], that pulls this plot off a little more believably.

The main sticking point for me was the insta-love plot. It started out fine because we were just meeting these guys, seeing them become attracted to each other, and getting a peak at that sexy first interaction the voyeuristic shower scene and then the retelling of Mica's fantasy for Grey. Yum!. But as the guys got more and more serious it got less and less believable for me. Although an attempt at some angst was made with a mini-fight, really they were pretty much on the same page relationship-wise from the beginning, which was odd. as opposed to this being a one-time thing or just fuck-buddies, especially since Mica knew that Grey had previously thought he was straight. On that note, I was disappointed he never told the story of his failed high-school attempt to Mica that's quite the bombshell to learn that he had had a gay experience in high-school but then the guy decked him, discouraging further behavior. It's things like that, deep conversations and learning about each other, that would have made me feel more of a connection between these two men to explain their rapidly increasing emotional attachment. But I just didn't see that.

And then of course everything was wrapped up with a perfect little bow with people coming out (literally) left and right both EMT's and then Simon just blurt to Mica "hey, me too!", just not buying it. It wasn't necessary and made things somewhat juvenile in their perfection, unfortunately the real world doesn't work like that. Even if those guys were gay they wouldn't just tell Mica out of the blue simply because he had come out. Maybe at a time they're alone and can confide in him but not so much as a "but don't tell!" goes along with these confessions

So overall, a light and enjoyable read but one that you shouldn't take too seriously.

EDIT: I forgot to even mention the suspense/mystery plot... which tells you a lot about how suspenseful/mysterious it was. The culprit was no surprise what-so-ever As soon as Jefferies son Daniel hit the scene there was no question in my mind, it was just such a blatant set-up

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