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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Priceless - Cat Grant 3.5 stars Just as I predicted this was good and sweet and sad! I thought it was paced well, and the development of their relationship was believable except maybe the premature "I love you". Moving in together would have been enough.. I found Wes likeable and understood his choices, even if I don't agree with them. Conner could have used a little more development though. We know he's tall, ginger, swimmers build, non-materialistic, and shy... but just because they told us. I would have liked to see a few awkward, stammering speeches or something to demonstrate his insecurities/faults.

The only flaw is wondering why Wes couldn't take out loans and just be in debt like the rest of us, but I just decided to take his word for hooking being his only option and enjoy the ride (pun intended!)