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"Finally, from so little sleep and so much reading, her brain dried up and she went completely out of her mind."
Not His Kiss to Take - Finn Marlowe My 3 star rating is mostly for the steaming hot sex scenes. But there were too many of them for me. I love erotic romance, and I get that that is the point, but I needed to see more non-sex related relationship building for this to be believable for me.

Secondly, I had a hard time seeing past the ethical issues. You can't force someone to go to the hospital if they don't want to, so I get taking him home to care for him. But no matter how attracted to him you were 'before' I can't imagine anyone, let alone an MD, getting turned on looking at the abused anus of someone recently raped, doesn't matter if to you anus usually = sex, he was JUST raped! And I know he said his bedside manner was bad, but for a rape victim it was TERRIBLE, explain EVERYTHING before you touch ANYWHERE!

Lastly, the medical kink just doesn't do anything for me. It didn't bother me per se, I just ended up skimming those parts because I really don't care. It's a personal preference and while I don't care that other people are into it, for me reading about an enema sorta sucks me out of the story.

And while I always enjoy a thorough wrap up, I felt like this could have ended a few chapters earlier. I don't need absolutely every detail hammered out, as long as I know my guys are back together and content, I'm a happy camper.

Read as January 2013 group read in M/M Romance Group and August 2013 group read in Erotic Enchants Group

The story was written based on the same prompt used for [b:Whistle Blowing|15704868|Whistle Blowing|Ada Maria Soto|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1340527326s/15704868.jpg|21367280] (although that one doesn't have the medical kink if you wanna try something similar but minus that) from the Love is Always Write event.